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The Nashville Peace and Justice Center is a community based coalition of individuals and organizations working to promote equity and to create a peaceful, just, inclusive and sustainable society through reflection, education and non-violent action.



  • Regular “roundtable” discussions of current issues. We hold open discussions on urgent issues to increase our understanding and to plan action for change. We welcome groups and individuals whether or not they belong to NPJC and whether they are dedicated to a particular issue or are part of the broader community.

  • Leadership training in community organizing. Each year, NPJC provides either local or statewide training opportunities for beginning and experienced community organizers to network, share experiences and hone their skills.

  •  The creation of events related to our mission, as well as the support of our member organizations’ events.

  • Presence in the Community: The Nashville Peace and Justice Center has been serving the middle Tennessee area for more than twenty-five years. Our interactive booths at community events reach out to a diverse population, with educational materials, exhibits and activities for children. We offer various opportunities for people to get involved. We participate in marches, rallies, community fairs, and other community events.

  • Communication: NPJC maintains a list of upcoming community events and emails it to more than 2300 subscribers about once a week. Thousands more access the “Eblast” on our website and Face Book page. Radio Free Nashville is a member group. Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and  Veterans for Peace, both member group, have RFN programs.

  • Supporting Our Member Groups: NPJC provides space for meetings and events & shares the use of its office and its equipment. It provides publicity through its Eblast, website, Facebook page, emails and booths. Groups and events utilize our fiscal sponsorship, nonprofit status, charitable solicitation permit and event insurance.


  • Civil rights / racial and religious tolerance and freedom

  • Democracy and good governance

  • Economics that values all people

  • Affordable housing

  • Energy, ecology and climate-related issues

  • Creating sustainable lifestyles

  • Human rights and freedom of expression

  • Peace at home and abroad



NPJC strives to spread awareness and understanding on these and other relevant topics, and to mobilize the public. We seek to give voice to the voiceless or oppressed, in a spirit of supportive acceptance and hope. We respect different points of view, and encourage discussion which can facilitate new understanding. We believe that all issues are interrelated and require collaboration for both understanding and effective action.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to building a just, peaceful and sustainable society, and a world that works for everyone, one victory at a time.

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