The Nashville Peace and Justice Center is a community based coalition of organizations and individuals working to promote equity and to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable society through reflection, education, and non-violent action.

We provide:
  • Space and Resources for individuals and organizations to meet, mobilize and organize.
  • Publicity mechanisms such as NPJC Community Forums, the NPJC Website, and the weekly eBlast.
  • Public Forums for education and creative action, including teach-ins, street theater, puppet shows, and mass demonstrations.
  • Educational Opportunities for activists and organizers through skill set-building workshops and trainings

Nashville Peace and Justice Center History:
Formerly known as the Nashville Peace Alliance, a series of visioning sessions and the first Gulf War transformed this alliance into a coalition of peace and justice organizations that emerged as the Nashville Peace and Justice Center.  Providing a central location for a variety of peace and justice groups to meet, it became a connecting point for a variety of grassroots groups and new coalitions.

Since 2002, the Nashville Peace and Justice Center has been in a stage of rapid growth.
For example:

  • We have expanded from an organizing base of 300 people to over 5,000.
  • We have organized hundreds of public events, including marches of historic numbers of people and vigils which have received national media attention.
  • We conduct community leadership trainings twice a year - See Leadership Institute
  • We have built new community partnerships and coalitions across lines of race and class through work on campaigns such as health care, homeless rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.
  • We have generated over 200 hits in local and national media, including over a hundred articles in local print media.

Today, the Nashville Peace and Justice Center acts as a coalition of member organizations working for long-term sustainable social change on a variety of issue areas, while also maintaining the flexibility to respond in a timely way to local needs as they arise. We maintain a key role in coordinating grassroots support for local, statewide, and national campaigns.  By providing staff support, technology, volunteer coordination, and publicity, we empower our organizational members in becoming more effective social change agents. The NPJC also serves its individual members – connecting their passions with concrete opportunities for reflection, education, and action.