A New Future:

Spring Gathering, 16 March 2013

(This page will be updated as plans develop.)

The Nashville Peace and Justice Center, dozens of other organizations, and many individual activists invite you to a day-long gathering to share information and create a common vision for shared action on

peace, sustainability, social and economic justice, and other issues.

We hope to learn about each other's issues, discover how they all fit into the bigger picture, plan how to collaborate on larger campaigns, and begin envisioning the new society want to build. Unanimity is not expected, but open-minded communication is considered paramount. We will encourage a positive orientation -- not just what we are against, but what we are working towards.

This event, free and open to the public, will be held on March 16, 2013, from 9am to 5pm, in the Belmont United Methodist Church, at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Acklen Avenue, at the south end of Hillsboro Village. We will have lectures, workshops, discussions, tables with displays and literature, and perhaps even a puppet show, plus a youth environmental fair sponsored by the local Sierra Club. Martha Stamps Catering will provide a healthy lunch of local foods (free, but with a suggested donation).

We are still accepting applicants -- let us know if  you want to present your own or your organization's views.
  • To set up a table, contact Eric Lewis, (615) 646-6266, You may bring your own table or use one of ours, but for the latter option you must reserve it in advance.
  • To help with publicity, contact Jane Hussain,  (615) 650-8868, We would be grateful for any help with publicizing this event. If you'd like to print and distribute some flyers, download one from this link.
  • Childcare will be provided by Sparkle Childcare Collective. Reservations are strongly encouraged as space is limited. For details see the collective's website, and/or contact Sparkle at
  • We are looking for volunteers who have the equipment and time to videorecord some of the talks. Contact Eric Schechter,, (615) 414-4572.
  • For miscellaneous questions, contact Eric Schechter, (615) 414-4572,

At right is a parking map. Click on it, and then on the reulting page, for a larger copy. The two parts of the church where we will be meeting are marked in orange. There are several lots where you can pay to park; two of them are marked in green. You can park along most streets (including along Magnolia Blvd and on the south side of Magnolia Blvd); additional free parking is marked in  red . Here are some additional notes about the free (red) parking:
  • Cornerstone Financial Credit Union has given us permission to park in their lot for this one day. But be careful not to block the ATM !
  • Sunset Grille and Cabana generally are closed on Saturdays until 4:30, and they permit free parking until then in their lot at the corner of Belcourt and 20th. (However, if they have an event on Saturday, they close the lot off with cones; in that case don't go there.)
  • Flat Earth Networking has agreed to let us use their little back parking lot. We can double park in that lot -- i.e., people who arrive early and intend to stay for the entire conference can park directly against Flat Earth's back wall; later arrivals who intend to leave earlier can double-park and block in those earlier folks. Do not park in Flat Earth's front parking lot, or you may get towed.

Here are links to a detailed list of workshops and our featured speakers.

Schedule is below; additional details will be posted here soon. Exhibits, keynote, plenary, and closing will be in the Community Center. The workshops and childcare will be given in the adjacent wing of the main church building, on the second floor. To see a larger copy of the floor map at right, click on that map, and then click on the resulting page.

8 - 9 Set up tabling and exhibits (Community Center)
9 - 10 Light refreshments and socializing (Community Center)
10 - 10:30 Keynote: "Collaboration and the Imperative of Strategic Relationships," by John McFadden of TEC (Community Center)
Work shops: Environment (room 203) Community (room 202) Social and Economic Justice (room 204) Beyond the War Economy (room 201)
10:40 - 11:30 Alternative Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability: Coal in TN Energy Efficiency and Green Jobs Panel Discussion: Poverty and Inequality, Education, Incarceration War Economy and the State of Fear; Benevolence not Imperialism
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch (Community Center)
12:15 - 12:45 Plenary: "Beyond Sustainability" by Dodd Galbreath of Lipscomb Sustainability (Community Center)
1 - 1:50 Close Nuclear Plants and Stop Fracking in Tennessee Healthy Living & Access to Health Care Care No Matter What: Planned Parenthood and a Vision of Reproductive Justice Failure of Capitalism
2 - 2:50 Solar Energy is Economical and Efficiency Can Replace Coal Local Food Movement Feminism, Permaculture and Politics: How We Change the World Revolutionary Strategy & Theory: Beyond Capitalism
3 - 3:50 Climate Change Activism: nuclear energy/waste, XL pipeline, fracking, carbon tax, and solid waste Transition Nashville Panel: Evolving Resilient Communities Community Activism Panel: Immigration Reform, LGBT Programs, TN Legislation, and Education Shifting the Paradigm : Leveraging a Culture Change
4 - 4:45 Light refreshments with closing summary discussion; envisioning the future (Community Center)