Here's what Leadership Institute Graduates are Saying:

“The Leadership Institute helped to reignite my activism and sense of responsibility for others. It reaffirmed by belief in the power of the people.”

“The Leadership Institute was a wonderful and meaningful and empowering experience. I was exposed to a new skill set in grassroots activism and organizing. The classes and instructors were all excellent.”

 “The Leadership class actually exceeded my expectation. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and had great presentations. Class was always well attended with exciting and interesting people. I look forward to attending other classes at the NPJC and strongly recommend this class to others wanting to learn more about grassroots organizing.”

“I learned a lot about politics and the government. It was very organized and prompt.”

“Very  well organized and informative series of classes. The classes covered a wide range of information and strategies that are useful across many disciplines.”

“Thank you for offering such a great class! I never knew that what I wanted to do was called Direct Action Organizing. Thanks for breaking it down! It was good and concrete, just the way I like a training to be.”

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