"The Leadership Institute helped to reignite my activism and sense of responsibility for others. It reaffirmed by belief in the power of the people.”

What is the NPJC’s Leadership Institute?
The Leadership Institute is a seven-week intensive training in the fundamental skills of community organizing. If you have the desire and commitment to make our city a better place, the Leadership Institute can give you:
  • real-world skills you need to be effective in your work
  • expert advice from professionals in the field
  • a wealth of practical resources and locally relevant information
  • a support system of other people who share your vision for a better world
  • professional training valued by future employers

What skills topics are covered?
The seven-week workshop progression includes an introduction to community organizing, power analysis, strategic planning, public speaking theory and practice, planning a variety of public events, fundraising for justice, working with local media, coalition-building, managing and resolving conflicts, and lobbying at the local and state levels.

Who leads the workshops?
Each workshop is facilitated by a team of trainers highly experienced in that particular field. Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn directly from a variety of Middle Tennessee’s best organizers, outreach specialists, lobbyists, speaking coaches, organizational planners and media people.


Who participates in the Leadership Institute?
The Leadership Institute attracts participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are paid community organizers, some are community activists in their spare time, some are in social service fields and want to incorporate a community organizing perspective into their work. Many others are regular folks who want to learn more and get more involved in their communities. What unites us all is a vision to make our city a better place by building strong, powerful organizations of the people directly affected by the problems in our communities.

When’s the next session? How do I apply?
The Leadership Institute is held twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. For information on the next Leadership Institute cycle, and to get an application form, contact us: