The Executive Board

Ken Townsend, Chair

Lorri Mabry, Vice Chair
Lorri Mabry is a community activist who is interested in a lot of progressive issues like health care, economy, education, environment, and disability issues. She hopes someday the world can live as one nation.

John Eldredge, Secretary

John has been with the Center for approximately five years. He is active in Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He considers himself moderately liberal in his politics, and is also a lifelong Southern Baptist. John works as a programmer/analyst, and has lived in Nashville for most of his life.

Jerry Harder, Treasurer

Jerry Harder has a bachelors degree in history and economics from Vanderbilt University. He studied history and economics at the Unversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the 1960s, he became invoved in the antiwar movement during the Vietnam War. He has continued to be involved in peace issues as well as economic justice issues. He is currently the Treasurer of the United Nations Association, Cordell Hull Chapter.

Elizabeth Barger

Karen Cisler

Doug Flatter

Jane Hussain

Jane went to the University of Chicago and ran a study center and summer camp for children on the South side of Chicago before marrying and settling down in Pakistan. There she raised two children, taught school, wrote a series of textbooks on the history of the Pakistan area and was active in promoting democracy and women's rights.  In 1985, she returned to the U.S. and lived, taught and wrote in Harlem, New York City.  Within weeks of moving to Nashville in September, 1991, Jane found her way to the Peace and Justice Center, where she has been active ever since, while also continuing to study, teach and write.

Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis has a bachelor's degree in political science and has been working on environmental issues for three decades. Eric served on the Governor's Panel on Forestry Management in the early 90's, and was a founding member of the Tennessee Forest Defense Council. He started a small green construction business in 1979 called Solar Works and has built many energy efficient structures in the Nashville area from solar green houses to super insulated homes. Eric is the Administrator of the Cumberland Green Bioregional Council which has been doing environmental education since 1984, and he is the editor of the Green Living Journal, the voice of the CGBC. Eric also serves on the Boards of the Swan Conservation Trust and TAP's Green Jobs Task Force.

Bill Northrup

Eric Schechter

Eric is the editor of the NPJC Eblast. He has been a participant in the NPJC since his political awakening in 2006. (Before that he was a professor of mathematics.) He now describes himself as an anarcho-commie, which means share and don't hit, the first two things we all learned in kindergarten. Sometimes he carries or wears big protest signs. You can find his rants and videos at

Board Information and Other Information Files

NPJC IRS Exemption Letter

This letter from the Internal Revenue Service states the IRS has determined that NPJC is "exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3)."


NPJC 2007 Form 990

NPJC filed its 2007 Federal tax form, the 990, in August, 2008, after getting an extension to file.  With the exception of Schedule B, which is deliberately and properly omitted here, the filing consists of three documents, provided here in PDF format.  The information in these files is public information and is made available by several means, including the IRS itself and other providers, such as Guidestar. 07 NPJC w sigs.pdf NPJC.pdf 990-07 attach 001.pdf