A Sustainable NPJC. There are many ways to support NPJC. One-time donations are always welcome, but you can also help on a regular basis:

Convenient ways to Support NPJC:


Donating from Home
We receive most of our donations as a check in the mail.  Any time you're especially distressed about the state of the world and have a yearning to support the volunteers at the NPJC , we would be very appreciative to get a note and a check from you in the mail.

Or, if you want to drop it off, you are very welcome to come visit us. 

Nashville Peace & Justice Center
530 26th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37209
phone: 615-321-2266

Donate from Grocery Shopping

If you have a Kroger Plus Card and register it with Kroger's Community Rewards Program, the Center will receive donations based on the amount you spend. Click here to download sign up instructions.
It is that easy to support the Center!

Donate from Searching the Internet and/or Shopping Online

Search the Internet using It's a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue to the charities its users designate. Just bookmark the page or make it your official homepage!

Also shop at! This is another online tool that will donate up to 37% to NPJC. It' an online shopping mall with hundreds of great stores (check it out!) Every time you place an order, you'll be supporting NPJC.

Be sure to enter The Nashville Peace and Justice Center as the charity you want to support. Please share these helpful tools with your friends and family.

Donate through Community Shares at your Workplace

If you work at any of the places that hold Community Shares (or combined) workplace giving campaigns in the Fall, you can donate to NPJC directly through your payroll. Use these designated code numbers for NPJC.

These workplaces include:

Middle Tennessee Campaigns: (NPJC designated code = 11027)

Belmont University
Catholic Charities
UMC General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
UMC General Board of Discipleship
UMC Communications
UMC Publishing House
Lifeway Christian Resources
Metro Nashville Government (all branches)
Nashville Electric Services (NES)
Neighborhood Resource Center
The Tennessean Newspaper
Tennessee Justice Center
Metro Nashville Schools (all teachers, administrative and other staff)
Vanderbilt University and Medical Center

Tennessee Board of Regents Schools (NPJC code all schools  = C02-027)

Austin Peay State University
Nashville State Tech
Volunteer State CC
Tennessee Tech
Cleveland State CC
Motlow State CC
Carson Newman College
University of Memphis
Northeast State U
Pellissippi State
Roane State CC
Walter State CC
Columbia State CC
Shelby State CC
Jackson State CC
State Tech CC
University of Tennessee


 TN State Government  (NPJC code = CS17)



In summary, to donate to NPJC through Community Shares, use these codes;

  • Nashville Employers: 11027

  • TN Board of Regents: C02-027

  • TN State Government: CS17

Workplace Access
Another way to help NPJC and Community Shares is to give us access to workplaces to start new campaigns.  If you would like your employer to hold Giving Campaigns in the future, please send us contact information.  If you have leads for new workplaces call the NPJC office at 615-321-2266 or e-mail